Are you developing new employment relationships?

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Aug 07

General Legal Counsel

Are you developing new employment relationships?

Posted by General Legal Counsel

The following are some important documents businesses don’t always consider in their employment relationships.

  1. Job descriptions – Hiring is hard enough as it is. If you don’t have a clear description of the position you are hiring for, finding the right employee will be even more difficult. Creating a job description before you begin looking for an employee will allow you to clarify what you are looking for as well as the skills the prospects needs to have.  Job descriptions also make it clear what you expect of your new hire so there is no issues if your expectations are not met.

  1. Employee handbook – Regardless of the size of your company, having an employee handbook can make your relationship with your employees much cleaner. You can use your employee handbook to clarify the employment relationship and provide guidance on several things such as :
  • The “At Will” relationship with your employee
  • How disputes may be handled, i.e. arbitration
  • Performance standards
  • Expected standards of conduct
  • Company policies
  • Anti-harassment policies
  • Operational requirements and policies such as:
    • Start and end times for the work day
    • Sick time and vacation time
    • Dress codes
    • Appropriate cell phone use during work
    • Reimbursement for expenses

  1. Performance reviews – Business owners often skip performance reviews, thinking that they are more appropriate at Fortune 500 companies than they are at a startup or growing businesses. But performance reviews are a great way for you to evaluate how each of your employees is doing both to reward high performers and also to coach and/or terminate those not performing to your company’s expectations. Having a documented review process that you share with all new hires can help you to set appropriate expectations between your company and the new employee.

There are a number of other documents you can develop that you should discuss with your legal advisor before making your next hire. 


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