Flexible Billing

Flexible Billing

Our attorneys are business owners too, so we understand how cash flow problems can impede business. We don’t think it should stop you from getting the legal advice and services you need to keep your business growing. That’s why GLC offers Client-Focused Billing. To put it simply… we’re flexible.

GLC Fee Structures

You can hire us for a specific project, turn to us “as-needed” or put us on a monthly retainer. GLC offers the following fee structures:

  1. Traditional Hourly Billing - We may require a retainer or deposit for new clients, which will depend upon the project or issue.
  2. Flat Fee - Typically negotiated for specific projects that are predictable in scope of work, we can set a pre-negotiated flat fee.
  3. Not to Exceed - For projects without a predictable scope of work, GLC will set a maximum amount of billable hours for that project. You only pay for the actual hours worked if it’s less than the amount specified at the start.
  4. Fixed Monthly Retainer – This billing arrangement is reserved for clients taking advantage of our outsourced general counsel services, we also make this option available for specific or focused services. These might include ongoing trademark portfolio management, franchise compliance and similar matters. We negotiate monthly retainers based on client demand and time commitment.

Complete the form below to have access to a detailed overview of our flat fee billing structure. While every case is different and not every situation will fit well into our flat fee billing structure, we believe that you should know what to expect when you reach out to our office, that's why we make our general fees available for you to review before we even have a phone call. 

See if we’re the right legal experts for your business and talk to us today. We want to know your business inside and out, even if it takes a coffee or two.