Commercial Leasing

Commercial Leasing

Commercial property can be a tricky area of the law. At General Legal Counsel we offer a range of legal services related to real estate representation, but we take special pride in our ability to manage and negotiate commercial leases for our clients.

Our creative East Bay real estate attorneys can help you with all aspects of your commercial lease.

Working with property owners and landlords we are also happy to assist with risk assessments and understanding your liability exposure in a number of situations.

Working with the real estate attorneys at GLC from the start can help you identify any potential pitfalls in the leases you are involved in and can save you a significant amount of money in the long term. Ensuring that our clients agree to leases with favorable terms is a large part of what we do.

Real World Experience

GLC’s Attorney Joseph Freschi has hundreds of long-term leases under his belt. While working with the City of San Francisco, he successfully managed the legal process for the development of large City real estate projects including City Hall, Mission Bay and the Asian Art Museum. With a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from UCLA, Joseph knows his stuff. Call us to talk about your real estate needs. We can help.

If you have questions about commercial lease negotiations or real estate asset management, call (925) 558-2786 and ask to speak to one of the real estate attorneys at GLC today. We are available for free consultations and are happy to answer your real estate and leasing questions. 

See if we’re the right legal experts for your business and talk to us today. We want to know your business inside and out, even if it takes a coffee or two.