Companies with In-House Counsel

Why Out-Source In-House Counsel?

Businesses geared up for growth need legal advice and services to deal with the high-risk profile this stage of business brings. Many choose to hire in-house counsel as a way to gain legal expertise that’s always available and predictable in cost. Having counsel on staff is certainly handy, but there are times when you need more help.

Your company may be working on closing a big deal, completing a merger or acquiring a competitor. Projects like these can take up more legal resources than your in-house counsel can provide. It could be that your growing company isn’t ready to grow its team of in-house counsel. In cases like these, General Legal Counsel can pick up the ball and run with it, offering as-needed in-house legal services.

At GLC, we recognize how important it is for a growing company to have immediate access to good legal advice. Our goal is to understand your business and see it as you do so we can work with your team to achieve your business goals. As a small and agile firm, we can be on-site when you need us, as an extension of your in-house team during peak times when your need for legal help is at its highest.

As business owners and attorneys, we see your business challenges from legal, risk and compliance perspectives, without losing focus on your viewpoint as a business leader. We follow that up with client-focused billing practices that provide predictable fee structures, allowing you to gain all the benefits of added in-house counsel without adding staff.

See if we’re the right legal experts for your business and talk to us today. We want to know your business inside and out, even if it takes a coffee or two.